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FMES Webinar schedule Dec. 2014

Issue 98 - 12/1/2014

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Come join us for a FMES LIVE! webinar on one of the dates and times listed below. Please go to FMES webinars to view the December 2014 schedule. Check back often for added dates. 

Earn Live credits from the comfort of your computer, tablet, or smart phone. During the posted times, view as many webinars as you desire. Each webinar is one hour for one credit. Only earn credit for the webinars you complete. A posted webinar time of 8AM to 2PM indicates you can start the webinar anytime, during that time. After completion of a webinar, complete a short survey and then start another webinar. It is up to you how many webinars you complete during the allotted time.

The FMES LIVE! Webinars are approved by the Florida Board of Nursing and the Florida Board of Respiratory Care. 

 (All times are Eastern Standard Time)


December 1st

8 AM to 2 PM


December 2nd

6 PM to 9PM





December 8th

8 AM to 2 PM


December 9th

3 PM to 9 PM





December 15th

8 AM to 2PM


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