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Last Minute CEU's With Instant Reporting!

Issue 4 - 5/14/2019

Are you in need of 1 to 24 continuing education hours? Then FMES is who you need. 

FMES offers free re-testing, instant reporting, and great prices. Only $32.95 for 24 ceu's.

And it's EASY! 

1) Register at

2 ) Go to ONLINE HOME STUDY to find the 24 hour ce bundle close to the top of the course list.

3) Click to take the test and pass.

4) Pay and your credits are reported INSTANTLY to cebroker.

It's that easy!

Why choose FMES for your educational needs?

FMES does not require pre-payment. Pass the test and then pay.

FMES reports your credits instantly to CeBroker after payment.
FMES is located in Florida.

FMES will store your certificates. Retrieve them anytime.

FMES has been offering fast friendly service since 1994.

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