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CNA In-service $19.95 for Florida License Renewal

Issue 1 - 1/6/2023

Everything is getting more expensive, but not at!

All the in-service training you need to be "renewal ready" for your 

Florida CNA license with one simple test and free re-testing!

It’s easy and we are here to help.

    Only $19.95  

Get Started Now!

1. Register or log-in at

 2. Read the study material.

3. Pass the test.

                4. Pay and you're done!
(FMES will send your education hours to the state's auditing system CeBroker.)


Ø Unlimited re-testing for free.
Ø  No pre-payment required. Pass the test, pay up to 30 days later.
Ø  Certificates stored in your account for four years.
Ø  FMES reports credits to the Board of Nursing via CEBroker.
Ø  FMES offers phone assistance.

Get Started Now!

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(Don’t forget to renew your license with the Board of Nursing

before May 31st of your renewal year.)


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