GROUP RATE for online programs only. $5.00 per contact hour. 8 hours minimum.

Credit cards will be charged an additional $1.50 fee for each credit card submitted.

You must have 4 (or more) participants who each complete at least 8 hours online. A group rate of $5.00 per contact hour will be given.

This means a group of 4 participants completing 8 hours will owe $40 per participant or $160 for the group.

You may register with a group name that your group has made up to identify itself. For example, "Anderson4". When each person in this group registers they will enter their group name in the group ID box, at the bottom of the registration page. Or your group of 4 (or more) may submit names on paper and mail or fax with payment.

When all 4 (or more) participants have completed the 8 hours online, the group must mail payment in ONE ENVELOPE. Or the group may fax credit card payment. We will only accept group rates on responses that have been sent to FMES in ONE ENVELOPE. Indicate group name and how many in your group. OR submit the 4 or more names on paper that have completed 8 hours online.

When FMES receives payment, each of the 4 (or more) participants will be able to logon at and print their certificate. Certificates should be made available online at our website the same day we receive payment. Please allow 2 to 5 days for FMES to receive your payment.

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